Currently playing on the radio is Madonna’s Papa Don’t Preach.

It’s kind of funny that listening to old songs actually make me feel young. I was in my early teens when this song by Madonna was popular. I remember having a cassette (yes, a cassette – some of you won’t even have the slightest clue what a cassette is!) and I used to rewind or forward just so that I can play certain songs from this cassette over and over and Papa Don’t Preach was one of those songs that I play to death. Really, it was one of those anthemic songs that made me go “I have to listen to it – like NOW”. Loved the beginning of the song. … Thinking back, I should feel sad and old(er) now, because I am indeed old(er) now, but still, it brings back some fond memories of my teenage years with mini compo and all. (chuckle) mini compo, gosh. … (those were the dayyssss, yo!)


When praying, how many of you actually wished for world peace? Really, I mean world peace as in world PEACE. I doubt many of us pray for that.

98 days to the new year!! yayyy. …. Yes, as in THE New Year when people sing au langsyne, drink to their heart’s content, party like there is no tomorrow, and eat that last drumstick as though it is indeed the very last drumstick in this whole wide world. Kind of a long way till 2015 if you think about it. … But if you think on the ‘bright’ side, it means I still have time to decide on what to do, where to go to, what not to do, where not to even go near to, whom I shall make plans with, … what books to publish or read, or buy and just stack them up for the sake of having bought some books. 🙂

Maybe ….. just MAYbe, I am gonna take a trip to Australia’s Goldcoast (again) and perhaps, Sydney, too, this time.

oohhh ….

A rainy, rainy night, makes me wish it’s Christmas now. …. Don’t know why or how raining is connected to Christmas, :-), but maybe it’s the song that is playing on the radio right this very second – Michael Bolton’s A Love So Beautiful. Or maybe simply because it’s kinda cold ….

(inhale) Alright …. coffee-time! 😛 Care to join me?